The River

Silence ensues a wicked storm. As the
newly fallen drops glitter upon the green grass. The distant sound
of a soft voice drifts upon a winding river. Where hence comes the
angel like music? It is the River Spirit.

She’s got the soul of a dreamer. Long
silken like hair. The voice of an angel, heard everywhere. Her
heart carries the burden of many. Yet her hope is found in the
lives of all.

strive to find the maiden, her brilliant blue eyes. For it is said
to find her is to gaze upon a star in it’s newly formed beauty. But
true to nature, an escape is inevitable. Leaving many shaking their
heads in her wake.

But what
they do not realize is that
she is in the heart of all. She is that little voice in you that
says follow your dreams. The wind whispering through your hair as
you race around that watery bend. Just close your eyes wherever
you may be and listen to the water spirit.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010