The Dreamers

A sailboat catches a breeze.
It’s so much more than it seems.
Gulls squawk, waves tumble and crash against the white sand.
The gentle quiet eases the soul.
Ones travel around the world planned.
Easily scrapped when a storm threatens.
But there will come a day when the skies cease to rumble.
And on that day travel can resume.

In another world a singer born.
Soft tones and angelic notes drift into the listeners ears.
The song begins it’s descent to the ending.
A roar of applause erupts from the enchanted group.
The feeling of accomplishment and belonging is the singers alone.

In an operation room, a small furry friend sleeps soundly.
Dainty fingers work furiously on a difficult surgery.
Steady hands make easy work as hours pass by.
When all is done, she steps out of the operation room to an awaiting family.
A little girl looks up, eyes full of emotion, as she tells her a best friend will be ok.

As the sun rises, three souls emerge from sleep.
A blue collar worker on his last day of work before retirement.
A manager in a local grocery store, who’s love for singing haunts her.
And a college student, her first day as a Veterinary student.

All hold on to their dreams.
Some dreams more readily achieved, while others are tucked away.
Hope is born of these dreams, and it helps them make it through the day.
One day, what seems impossible, will come true.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010