An array of color collects as the
sun awakens. A soul who leads a double life slowly raises her head
to the magical scene. She steps outside into the crisp clean air
and behold natures beauty.

Later as the rain gently tickles the
roof, the day dream begins. Bright stage lights sprinkle the ground
with glowing warmth. A single stand beckons a sweet melody forth. A
quiet crowd,hushed breaths as the performer prepares to take the

Back stage the
singer paces nervously. Will they like her? Will she glide through
the song with ease and grace? Those beautiful winged insects,
flutter in her uneasy stomach. She has second thoughts, “I can’t do
this, what was I thinking?” That dreaded signal, it’s

She steps on
stage, her chocolate ringlets draped lightly against her shoulders.
An eloquent dress in varying shades of blue green clings
effortlessly to a curvy body. Amber eyes slightly lavished by a
glow of soft pink eyeshadow. Delicate cheekbones highlighted by
smooth coral coloring. She let’s out a sigh before she steps up to
the microphone.

song though simple contains varying degrees of difficulty in the
note changes. It’s lighthearted melody set to meaningful words
paints a picture for the audience. Meanwhile the Mezzo Soprano
sings easily without missing a note. Her angelic voice drifting
into everyone’s ear. A final moment of pause,an exhilarating finish
and an eruption of applause meets the singer’s ears.

A sigh of relief passes unknown
to the cheering listeners. She smiles and thanks all for coming to
hear her sing. As a shower of roses and a standing ovation meet her
sight. For someone who was so nervous in the beginning, she didn’t
do half bad, she thinks to herself.

The rain gently tickles the roof, the
day dream ends. Her amber eyes glance at the clock. Time for her to
go back already,for the lunch hour is done. She walks away,
chocolate ringlets bouncing all the while.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010