Grains of  Sand

Like grains of sand….
She gently brings her pendant into view.
It is a tiny bottle of sand.
Gained on one of her journeys.
Obtained on a bright sunny day in the Bahamas.

To her it is a near memory of a family vacation, truly magical.
It also represents her other quests.
Each minuscule piece of grain, a distant memory.
Each tiny piece of grain, a single person who has shaped her.

As the years flow from one to another, another soul drifts in and out of her life.
Like foot prints in the sand, the memories fade.
But alas they are not forgotten.

Each heartache resonates like sound waves in the ocean.
Each joyful occasion trapped, frozen in time.
Each friend wraps their warm embrace around her.
Even as time goes on.

She looks at a darkened grain and remembers back.
To horseback riding events, soccer, choir, birthday parties and sleepovers.
To a chance meeting of a kindred soul, a strangers kindness and an experience of deja vu as past friends are present again.
Each experience embodied in a single piece of grain.

Each person,place,thing and experience shaping her like a thoughtful sculpture.
She smiles as past experiences flood her with all emotions.
She nestles her pendant back into place right by her heart.
Each memory daily brushing up against her.
Like grains of sand……

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010