Just Out of Reach

The sun sets against a cerulean sky.
All is calm within a vast forest.
Beasts with massive antlers, smaller
females with their young speckle the area.
Meanwhile her stomach growls,as if it could escape,it would have a word with her.
Slowly, cautiously she moves forward,slinking along the ground.
Just out of reach.
It hears her and flees,cascading hoof beats following the leaders move.
Just out of reach.
She voices a heartfelt yip and bounds forward.
Powerful muscles ripple along her tawny,coarse fur.
The race for survival is on.
Just out of reach.
She glances to the left and right,her pack flanks her,supporting in her endeavor.
She sees the straggler, grayed by age.
Just out of reach.
They move as one towards the beast.
But the beast is stronger than she thought.
It strikes out barely glancing her shoulder.
Fast as the wind the beast escapes.
Just out of reach.
For now…..

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010