A Forgotten Love

He wraps his arms around me, holding me safe.
The world escapes in a blur, and it’s just him and me.
History shared between us, holds fast to secrets alluring in nature.
Bonded by fate, falling slowly, mercilessly into love.
Chills shiver down my back, a product of excitement, fear and longing.
He whispers gently to me, his melodic voice full of promise, full of hope.
Of commitment in sickness and health, a long life together.
Of a family with children, our own fairy tale ending.
He turns toward me and lays his head carefully against mine.
The swirl of our scents mixed together like that of paint.
We take each other in and look into the depths of our souls.
He is a perfect match, this shadow of a man.
The sun rises and blinds my lidded eyes.
I awaken, did I dream last night?
All I can recall was that of a silhouette man.
A forgotten love.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010