Gentle, trickling slowly the rain drifts down, like newly
formed tears.

The Sun plays and hide and seek, like the feelings of
sadness and happiness.

The shining light huddles away until the
storm fades.

Hear the weeping from above.

Softly it raps on the

Like grief and pain.

A sudden crash from above, startles
all below, like unhinged anger raging forth.

A flash across the
sky, silent and strikingly beautiful, like possessiveness and
loyalty towards a lover.

As the rain splashes angrily upon the
ground, like the feeling as if time has come to soon for a loved

Weather, like emotions, can be fickle.

A streak of purple and
white bruises the sky for but a moment.

A rumble, one second, two
seconds, three seconds, the storm trudges on.

The pain and grief
stalks away silently .

The torrent slows to a steady drip drop
rythm, washing away dirt and sorrow.

Drip drop, drip drop, drip

The golden rays stretch their fingers like an unsure feeling.

A beautiful rainbow appears, a sign of hope and renewed strength.

A soul renewed again.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010