Nestled quietly in visceral forms, it
explores the world through the eyes.

The spectrum of colorful souls

A fighter who always smiled and made a difference.

A caretaker who sees everything, a fount of knowledge and a sworn
animal whisperer.

A hard worker who cares enough to do the job
correctly, even when no one else does.

An artist who pays attention
to detail, fosters a love of the unique and mysterious.

A thinker
who never falls for impulse and articulate in nature.

A dreamer who
wishes to see the good in everyone and believes in peace.

A carver
who captures a moment of time.

A kidder who playfully pokes fun,
but who says kind words when needed.

A talker who is great with
people and reads them well.

A quiet one who speaks softly, but is
reassuring and supportive.

Some hold consistency, while others
leave impressions in their wake.

Life ever evolving.

Souls ever
changing, learning and shaped by each other.

The eyes, the key and
stairway to the soul.

So look through the shell of the body, down
to the real person that lies protectively inside.

And you may be
surprised what you find.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010