Hope, Faith and Loss

We lock our doors as we drive by.

A sense of fear of the passerby.

But they are human, like you and me.

They have lost a battle, but not a war.

There is Hope when darkness threatens to take over.

Faith to carry them away from trouble.

We watch them struggle, and tell ourselves that won’t be us.

Which is entirely untrue, in this game of life.

For on a turn of the dime, our lives changed forever.

Could send us in a spiral towards the unlikely life of homelessness.

Loss of a home.

Loss of a spouse.

Loss of a job.

Not a choice, but rather a fork in the road we call life.

A time to learn and grow.

Come out renewed and stronger.

As Faith and Hope carry you forth.

So don’t be scared of the ragged, for they don’t mean any harm.

They are just living and learning life, with their own sets of struggles.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010