The Gift of Song

Snow covers what was once green.

Shoppers roam to and fro.

Lights scattered in an unusual pattern, give direction to cheer.

Christmas day is near.

Bells ring as passerby’s give change to help out those less fortunate.

Children’s eyes sparkle delight at the sight of this year’s new toys.

All the while I sit and ponder what element makes this time of year so special.

Then I remember….. Excitement sparks in the group as we enter the
beautifully decorated building.

Our audience gathers before us.

We sing our hearts out, with as much gusto that can be mustered.

They clap, cheer and join in delight.

The carols drift in the air and bring forth joy in all the surrounding faces.

For who does not enjoy Rudolph or Frosty?

After the occasion we sit and talk a while.

We are guests in their home, and they welcome us with open arms.

They tell us stories, and we smile.

It’s time to leave, hugs and smiles abound.

Sadness has no place for this magical time.

The nursing home fades in the background, but the memories will never do so.

Touched are our lives forever more.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010