Snowflakes drift to the ground, the temperature cold enough to form water into perfect shapes.
All is calm and serene.
Darkness creeps in as little ones rub their eyes.
Yawning the children watch the screen as NORAD tracks Santa’s trip around the world.
Midnight approaches, cookies and milk set aside for jolly Saint Nick.
Sleepy children all nestled in their beds.
As above their heads hoof beats tap, tap, tap on the rooftop.
With a twinkle in his eyes and red rosy cheeks Santa descends down the chimney.
Gently he places perfectly wrapped gifts for each little girl and boy.
As sugar plum faries finish their performance, the sun rises and rays wash away the night.
The children race to see if they have been good this year.
Delighted squeals echo off the walls, as they rip open their gifts and raise them high up in the air.
Sweet smells of breakfast waft into the room as everyone gathers around the table.
Silence ensues as hungry family members gobble down the small feast.
Soon comes the time when surprises are no more, smiles and laughter soon follow.
The children play with their gifts and the adults chatter amongst themselves.
Soon the day passes into night and the Sun rests its weary head.
Dinner, what could feed a whole battalion, is served.
All eat until belts have to be undone and pajamas slipped on.
Friendly chatter continues until it’s time to part ways.
For now family has to part, but what is left to fill the void in their hearts, is the joy of Christmas.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

Wishing all of you the best Holiday!
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