You Are Not Alone
The Sun’s rays wrap warmly around you, as the gentle breeze lays a kiss upon your cheek.
The crisp air nips at your nose and the quietness lets tendrils of thought in.
Thoughts of loss, sadness and fear of what’s to come.
Thoughts of hope, faith, memories and good times to come.
You are not alone.
I am in the souls of the dancing trees.
I am in the tiny white snowflakes that melt on your tongue.
I am in the clouds that form into a pair of hands, so that you know I’m reaching out to you.
I am with you for every recital, game and award ceremony.
I do not sleep as I watch over your peacefully sleeping form.
You are not alone.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

This poem is in Memory of my Aunt Mel who lost her battle with cancer last March. It is going to be different without her this year, but she will be forever in our hearts. It is also dedicated to all of our loved ones that we have lost.