The Office
Again the answer is no.
Clouds scatter the sky, a glum mood I am in.
I flit to and fro getting my daily work done as I anxiously look up at the clock.
They tell me no news is good news.
Yet I doubt that again.
I wait in fear that they will call me in.
I have waited a long time for a higher position to appear.
Anticipation beads across my brow as the minutes tick away.
Still I am waiting.
I relax a little as it is almost time to go
They wouldnt tell me now right?
When least expected I am called to the office.
Both my Manager and Human Resource is present.
This cant be good.
I wipe my sweaty palms against my black dress pants.
The conversation starts as my heart reaches for the door.
“I am sorry but you were not the right fit for this particular position”, they tell me.
All I hear afterwords is my own questions, beating madingly against my head.
They ask me if I understand and to please sign the dotted line.
All I want to do is run but I shakily sloppily, scribble my name.
Again the answer is no.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

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I got a new poetry book for Christmas and it is almost like actually being at a workshop. So far it is excellent. Here is my first try at mimicking the format asked of me in the book.