Imagination meets the Future

Surging across a turquoise canvas, colossal yet elegant forms grace the sky with their presence.
Fire and smoke seep around the sharp fangs of the dragons.

Hot ruby liquid tumbles down a grumbling mountain side.
Ashes rain down on the unsuspecting, hardy creatures of the Cretaceous as they scramble frantically.

Glimmering in the morning light, she searches
Seeking the blossoms for her satchel that contains trinkets.
Treasures containing glimpses of past recollections, heart aches and tears of joy.
She flutters away, tiny form quickly vanishing into an unrelenting sky.

Dancing upon the wind, he nickers softly.
His acrobatic show ends in a headlong dive.
He skids to a halt just before her.
She gently runs her hands along his velvet nose and then leans against his shoulder.
He envelopes her with loving down pinioned wings, blowing tenderly into her hair.

Metal clashes, echoing boldly in the fortress.
Clad in silver from head to toe he struts out to fetch his fair maiden taken from him.

Locked up in an unfamiliar place, choked of oxygen, higher up than ever.
She sighs in contempt, throwing piercing glances at her captor standing outside the door.

Confronting the hideous one – eyed monster, snarling and spitting, he stands tall.
Striking out fervently, he strikes the vital heart.
The creature screams into the night.
It falls with a thump in it’s own sludge, it’s minions scrabbling to escape their masters fate.
The Knight climbs the marble staircase to his beloved.

Watching the gruesome scene below, she scans the field looking for him.
A soft rap at the door and she throws it open.
They embrace passionately, reacquainting themselves.

He packs up his Knights, Dinosaurs and Dragons, safely tucking them away for treasured memories sake.
Dressed for a future, he looks one last time.

She glances back at her hutch filled with Faeries and Pegasus fear drifting away.
Fond memories flood back she tucks them away for the right moment to retrieve them.
She closes her door and leans back, quieting the fluttering butterflies roaming her belly.
She glides down the stairs in her ivory dress, tucking her memories safely away, making room for new ones.

Moments later their eyes meet in mirrored adoration.
She sees pixie dust, a silvered mane, a Knight in shining armor.
He sees spumes of Dragon fire, a gargantuan ancient creature, his lifelong Queen.
Joined forever as one,
imagination meeting the future.

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