Word Art
The page is a blank canvas, no thoughts have occurred.
Silence threatens to break me.
So quiet not even a breeze can be heard.
Tranquility sets in as I breathe in and out.
My wordless thoughts linger, looming overhead.
I feel it, my soul forming, shifting into words.
They slip, spill forth, blackening the once ivory backdrop.
Timeless language pours forward, leaving
stories and experiences in its wake.
All that is needed is courage.
Courage to live through words.
Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

All italicized words are from my own formed word group: Pour, courage, page, slipping, timeless, linger, silence, and breeze.

Another resource book gave me an idea. It told me to form my own word group and write a poem using them. The examples given were four words long. Mine on the other hand is eight and variations of the words. It was a way to get the creative juices going again. Hope you all enjoy it and please visit One Stop Poetry for One Shot Wednesday. They have a new home with word press at : http://onestoppoetry.com/