Pieces of You, Pieces of Me

Falling down around us, colors vastly different.
Similar, unusual cardboard representations scattered about.
One is the color of treated grass, a football in the center.
Another is of a magnificent creature, hooves eating up dirt as it passes by.
A jester, comic of the time, in its decorative outfit masks a piece.
Notes drifting in space their musicality captured in a moment of time.
A lion roars out at me, its fierceness is deafening, loyalty coined by a cat.
Love drips into a puddle, newly forming into a single Red Rose bud.
Lovers embrace, caring souls reaching out and comforting those beyond the portrait.
A timeline races past, marking memories and future happiness.
Mammoth sized trees, ancients of age, urge for growth from the hovering small bush that is us.
A strand of lightning in a darkened sky beckons excitement of rain, and new beginnings.
Frantic leaves swirl round and round, captured in the palm of a hand, nestled safely away from the wind.
Forgiveness embodied by entwined figures dancing their dance of love.
A crumb decorates a lonely plate, a single dollar bill folded into fours, tucked unknowing to an onlooker, in a pocket.
A single sapling highlighted by a ray of light, a significant sign of hope.
Love struck, glittering eyes glance furtively to each other, a promise of forever hidden like a jewel inside.
Each piece unique yet quintessential to the picture, each piece spread haphazardly along the table.
Playing a waiting game with us, reaching out to you, reaching out to me.
The fateful trail leading us to an adventure of a lifetime.
Each piece of discovery is bringing us closer to the truth.
The truth, we belong together.
The day we meet, the pieces fall into place, two different souls connected.
Like that of our individual puzzle pieces.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

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