Differences separate us.
How we run a country.
What kinds of meals we eat.
Our religious beliefs.
Our skin color, hair color, eye color.
Our demeanor’s.
Our morals.
Our languages.
Our family structures.
The way we raise our young.
The way we laugh or smile.
So many differences…..
But when the winds howl.
When the earth groans and opens up.
When a surge of water comes barreling forward.
When houses are swallowed and spit out.
Humanity rises from it’s slumber and reaches out a hand.
A touch of kindness forgets differences.
Thoughtfulness lightens heavy burdens.
Unity makes us stronger.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

The natural disaster in Japan has devastated the country. It is always a beautiful sight to see everyone from all over the world come together and help a country in need. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Japan as they rebuild and restore their country.
This poem is written for One Shot Wednesday hosted by One Stop poetry. Please join me in reading some wonderful poems and support some great talent at http://www.onestoppoetry.com