There are many talented poets around the world. Some of mine are Maya Angelou, Rudyard Kipling and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Instead of choosing from these wonderful poets, I wanted to spotlight a poem that my mom Kira Stann wrote. Here is the link to her page:


Children stare in wonder

at plastic parodies

Peeling paint and creaking poles

all that is left to see

I close my eyes and remember

when hooves were leaf of gold

Lilting rifts of music

herald enchanted notes

Silver moon cascades

iridescent light below

Soft laughter caresses

the dancing evening breeze

Another turn around

a sweep of breathless view

Surrounded by ethereal magic

a shroud of gossamer fate

My steed of silky mane and tail

thunders on to win his race

His soulful eyes glint joyfully

head tossed in proud disdain

Oh to go back

to magic’s wild embrace

Desperate pleas foretold

and age-old whims arise

Illusive golden rings

held in rusted metal claws

Creaking wooden slats

are all that’s left of us
Copyright Kira Stann 2010

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