It’s a Spring Fling
Crisp air grazes our skin in hopeful fun.
The soft breeze tickles senses playfully.
Tangled tendrils come cautiously undone.
Rose petals scattered so beautifully.
One nights embrace in flowers colored bright.
Fosters feelings fleeting and in disguise.
Passions, sparks dot the sky in flashing light.
Shared kisses, delight till sunrise.
Springtimes lust and love, a sudden suprise.
Lost in moments treasured for years to come.
Through life’s tribulations, spring love is wise.
For it is kin to the beat of a drum.
It lives on like that of a dreamy wish.
It’s spring fling, reel it in like a hooked fish.
Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

My One Shot Wednesday contribution for One Stop Poetry. A community of poets dedicated to the art of poetry and people. Now a Shorty Award winner!
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