When cesspools of anger blister at your center and pits of sorrow threaten to engulf your being.
When indifference climbs within and excitement shakes you from head to toe.
What is there to soothe your restless soul?
Drifting upon the air, waves of rhythm and melody enter your ears.
Warm your heart, dry the cesspits that bubble deep.
Bathe your overheated engine in the gentle cascading of notes.
When sorrow darkens the brightest of days, let calming voices fill your heart with a rush of joy.
When indifference claims the day,
live and breathe in the artistry of the music industry.
When enthusiasm writhes and wishes to escape, let it out and share with the world your music.
Feel the beat, moving freely with passion just as if no one was watching.
Like a Nightingale, sing with your beautifully unique voice, as if no one else is listening.
Live life through the eyes of music, if only just for a moment.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

This is my One Shot Wednesday poem for this week. Its a free verse poem that i chose to do this week based upon my love of music. Please join me in reading and commenting on other wonderfully artistic poets at, Happy anniversary One Stop Poetry. I am so fortunate to be able to celebrate with you all on this day. Thank you Leslie, Pete, Brian, Adam, Jessica, Claudia, Gay and Chris for all that you have done through the year. I have learned so much and had a great time with you all. It is with your love and dedication that One Stop is what it is today. Thank you very much.