Iced Heart

Water streams to the ground, unevenly.
As icicles drip from the gentle warming of her heart.
Where once it was cold and beat for none.
Now it awakens from a deep slumber.
As stirring emotions shake it awake.
A simple touch was all that was needed.
To break a spell that she had thought impossible.
She was told of what was to happen,
but brushed it away like a nuisance.
A still picture of pure beauty,
her wavy, flowing mane caught in movement.
A simple smile, hides behind ice as she appears blissful.
A single Rose as red as a candy apple is graceful held in her small hands.
He touches her face softly, afraid that touching would break her.
His memories of brushing touches, smiles and shared laughter, ring through his head.
He steps away slowly as tears fill his eyes.
Just as he turns away he hears it.
Not knowing what to say he watches in amazement as the ice melts away.
First the numbness disappears from her legs and slowly creeps up the rest of her body.
Until at last she’s just a wet mess.
She tests out her shaky legs and looks at him.
He does not waste a moment and sweeps her up in his enveloping way.
She weeps into his shoulder “I should have listened, followed my heart to you”.
He whispered softly “All that matters is that you found your way back”.
In that moment, their love pronounced right and true, they promise to never part.
Her heart, which once was frozen, was thawed by her love for him.
He carries her away to freedom as the sun fades below the horizon.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2012