The Stilled Girl

A single drop of peach splashes and forms.
An elegant arrangement trapped on canvas,
a pose of grace captured in the lift of her hand.
Pointed toes searching for destination, as fine hairs dance across the fabric.
A tightly wound bun is in alignment with the perfection of her face.
Unblemished, masked behind rosy red lips and blushed cheeks.
The tuft of material, effortless placed, pink surrounds her middle, caught in a swaying motion.
A pallet of colors obediently stay at attention, as the background forms.
Mirrors create a multitude of similar scenes, as a golden bar flashes in the early sun.
Sweat beads and threatens to erase, as a fine handkerchief comes to aid.
A flick of the wrist adds vibrancy to the scene, where only the strong colors continue their dance.
A steady hand forms the masterpiece of perfection,as it drifts along the the weaved story.
Almost to the end, he gazes at the girl.
With a swipe he adds texture, the finale to the performance.
In the corner a tattoo of his name, a remembrance.
So, many years later, a stranger can watch the performance of a lifetime.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2012