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Vignette of Souls

Nestled quietly in visceral forms, it
explores the world through the eyes.

The spectrum of colorful souls

A fighter who always smiled and made a difference.

A caretaker who sees everything, a fount of knowledge and a sworn
animal whisperer.

A hard worker who cares enough to do the job
correctly, even when no one else does.

An artist who pays attention
to detail, fosters a love of the unique and mysterious.

A thinker
who never falls for impulse and articulate in nature.

A dreamer who
wishes to see the good in everyone and believes in peace.

A carver
who captures a moment of time.

A kidder who playfully pokes fun,
but who says kind words when needed.

A talker who is great with
people and reads them well.

A quiet one who speaks softly, but is
reassuring and supportive.

Some hold consistency, while others
leave impressions in their wake.

Life ever evolving.

Souls ever
changing, learning and shaped by each other.

The eyes, the key and
stairway to the soul.

So look through the shell of the body, down
to the real person that lies protectively inside.

And you may be
surprised what you find.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

The Singer


An array of color collects as the
sun awakens. A soul who leads a double life slowly raises her head
to the magical scene. She steps outside into the crisp clean air
and behold natures beauty.

Later as the rain gently tickles the
roof, the day dream begins. Bright stage lights sprinkle the ground
with glowing warmth. A single stand beckons a sweet melody forth. A
quiet crowd,hushed breaths as the performer prepares to take the

Back stage the
singer paces nervously. Will they like her? Will she glide through
the song with ease and grace? Those beautiful winged insects,
flutter in her uneasy stomach. She has second thoughts, “I can’t do
this, what was I thinking?” That dreaded signal, it’s

She steps on
stage, her chocolate ringlets draped lightly against her shoulders.
An eloquent dress in varying shades of blue green clings
effortlessly to a curvy body. Amber eyes slightly lavished by a
glow of soft pink eyeshadow. Delicate cheekbones highlighted by
smooth coral coloring. She let’s out a sigh before she steps up to
the microphone.

song though simple contains varying degrees of difficulty in the
note changes. It’s lighthearted melody set to meaningful words
paints a picture for the audience. Meanwhile the Mezzo Soprano
sings easily without missing a note. Her angelic voice drifting
into everyone’s ear. A final moment of pause,an exhilarating finish
and an eruption of applause meets the singer’s ears.

A sigh of relief passes unknown
to the cheering listeners. She smiles and thanks all for coming to
hear her sing. As a shower of roses and a standing ovation meet her
sight. For someone who was so nervous in the beginning, she didn’t
do half bad, she thinks to herself.

The rain gently tickles the roof, the
day dream ends. Her amber eyes glance at the clock. Time for her to
go back already,for the lunch hour is done. She walks away,
chocolate ringlets bouncing all the while.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

The Dreamers

The Dreamers

A sailboat catches a breeze.
It’s so much more than it seems.
Gulls squawk, waves tumble and crash against the white sand.
The gentle quiet eases the soul.
Ones travel around the world planned.
Easily scrapped when a storm threatens.
But there will come a day when the skies cease to rumble.
And on that day travel can resume.

In another world a singer born.
Soft tones and angelic notes drift into the listeners ears.
The song begins it’s descent to the ending.
A roar of applause erupts from the enchanted group.
The feeling of accomplishment and belonging is the singers alone.

In an operation room, a small furry friend sleeps soundly.
Dainty fingers work furiously on a difficult surgery.
Steady hands make easy work as hours pass by.
When all is done, she steps out of the operation room to an awaiting family.
A little girl looks up, eyes full of emotion, as she tells her a best friend will be ok.

As the sun rises, three souls emerge from sleep.
A blue collar worker on his last day of work before retirement.
A manager in a local grocery store, who’s love for singing haunts her.
And a college student, her first day as a Veterinary student.

All hold on to their dreams.
Some dreams more readily achieved, while others are tucked away.
Hope is born of these dreams, and it helps them make it through the day.
One day, what seems impossible, will come true.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

The River Spirit

The River

Silence ensues a wicked storm. As the
newly fallen drops glitter upon the green grass. The distant sound
of a soft voice drifts upon a winding river. Where hence comes the
angel like music? It is the River Spirit.

She’s got the soul of a dreamer. Long
silken like hair. The voice of an angel, heard everywhere. Her
heart carries the burden of many. Yet her hope is found in the
lives of all.

strive to find the maiden, her brilliant blue eyes. For it is said
to find her is to gaze upon a star in it’s newly formed beauty. But
true to nature, an escape is inevitable. Leaving many shaking their
heads in her wake.

But what
they do not realize is that
she is in the heart of all. She is that little voice in you that
says follow your dreams. The wind whispering through your hair as
you race around that watery bend. Just close your eyes wherever
you may be and listen to the water spirit.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

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