Tiger Eye
Look into my golden eyes, what do you see?
Tall grasses swaying, dancing in the breeze.
Crystal water cascading down weathered rocks.
Prey peering into the woods, seeking, searching for danger.
As I hungrily stalk them down.
The hunt, a vicious game between predator and prey.
A battle everyday.
Do you hear that?
Swish, swish as the wind brushes gently against the bamboo.
The soft padded steps of my love coming closer.
A rumbled greeting that beckons her to me.
A night of passion leads to little ones to come.
We part ways until next year.
Well at least that’s what she thinks, as I’m always watching.
Do you smell that wondrous smell?
Sweet grass calling to herbivores in every direction.
Crisp air refreshing to my nose.
Flowering plants tickle the senses as the suns rays reveal them basking in it’s glow.
That was yesterday….
Now look into my clouded eyes, what do you see?
Burned skeletons of trees that once stood.
Still shadows litter the ground.
We become the prey as I herd my love and the cubs to safety.
Red runs down fur, orange upon black stripes.
Do you smell the putrid stink?
Death and decay drench the nose, as unwanted carcasses are fading away.
A metalic scent layers the back of throats.
As stomachs twist and turn.
Do you hear what I heard?
The song of fear escalting into a symphony.
As terror echos in the air.
Cries trail away from the scene.
Now I lie underfoot on a gleaming hardwood floor.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

This is my latest contribution to One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry. Everyone is invited! Come read some wonderful poems or enter one of yours at http://www.onestoppoetry.com. One shot Wednesday starts at 5pm EST time on Tuesdays.