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When cesspools of anger blister at your center and pits of sorrow threaten to engulf your being.
When indifference climbs within and excitement shakes you from head to toe.
What is there to soothe your restless soul?
Drifting upon the air, waves of rhythm and melody enter your ears.
Warm your heart, dry the cesspits that bubble deep.
Bathe your overheated engine in the gentle cascading of notes.
When sorrow darkens the brightest of days, let calming voices fill your heart with a rush of joy.
When indifference claims the day,
live and breathe in the artistry of the music industry.
When enthusiasm writhes and wishes to escape, let it out and share with the world your music.
Feel the beat, moving freely with passion just as if no one was watching.
Like a Nightingale, sing with your beautifully unique voice, as if no one else is listening.
Live life through the eyes of music, if only just for a moment.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

This is my One Shot Wednesday poem for this week. Its a free verse poem that i chose to do this week based upon my love of music. Please join me in reading and commenting on other wonderfully artistic poets at, http://www.onestoppoetry.com. Happy anniversary One Stop Poetry. I am so fortunate to be able to celebrate with you all on this day. Thank you Leslie, Pete, Brian, Adam, Jessica, Claudia, Gay and Chris for all that you have done through the year. I have learned so much and had a great time with you all. It is with your love and dedication that One Stop is what it is today. Thank you very much.


Music of Love

Music of Love

Surfing the waves of a captured heart.
Beat, beat, hear it thrum like a drum.
It weaves and dodges strange tunes.
It waits for a whistle.
A journey to you.
Feel excitement,
pain and joy.
Love of,

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

My One Shot Wednesday poem. I’ve got music on the brain as I wrote this Nonet. Please visit the other talented poets at http://www.onestoppoetry.com starting at 5pm EST time.


Raven who stole the light from grandfathers grasp, you could have asked, but instead you chose to trick us.
Corvo, in a fairy tale stricken dead upon an ivory atone, a story of a brothers love and of perils vast that he must face.
Rave, seven in all, cursed to bird form, on the day their sister was born.
Tales of woe, heartache and death plague this glossy onyx bird of flight.

Hrafi, looking into your eyes, see intellegence peeking through.
Korp, are we mistaken about your true identity?
Corbeau, you proudly watched over Dieties?
Raaf, is it true you can lead men to deer?
Corbie, you have a dark history.
Cuervo, your history also light.
Raven you are a mystery.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

This is my entry for One Shot Wednesday. It’s a poem about the Raven. There are three separate stories in the beginning and each phrase that starts with Raven is a translation in another language. Please join me in reading some wonderful works from fantastic writers at: http://www.onestoppoetry.com. One Shot Wednesday starts at 5pm EST.

Wild Rose

Wild Rose

first prick,
nipping me.
As my finger,
trails along roughness.
Emerald toughness hides,
sweet sap coursing through the stem.
A single solitary bloom,
awakens a stirring emotion.
Memories sweep accross my timeless mind.
Candy apple red petals carefully,
draped along a glossy wooden floor.
Anniversary, shared delight.
Stealing kisses through the night.
Memories lost in sight.
As like a petal,
you fade away,
Slowly and

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

This is a double Etheree. It goes as follows: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Syllables. Give it a try! It is great fun. This is my entry for One Shot Wednesday. Please visit the other wonderful poets at http://www.onestoppoetry.com



Green creeps down and around a rough hide.
Withstanding the harshest of storms.
Protecting from birds of night.
Keeper of the ages.
Love captured by hearts.
Lifeblood kept safe,
It is
Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

This is my entry for one shot this week. It is a poem I completed in 10 minutes at a seminar. We were asked to choose an item from the bag and I chose a piece of bark with a little moss on it. Please read some other phenomenal works at http://www.onestoppoetry.com

It’s a Spring Fling

It’s a Spring Fling
Crisp air grazes our skin in hopeful fun.
The soft breeze tickles senses playfully.
Tangled tendrils come cautiously undone.
Rose petals scattered so beautifully.
One nights embrace in flowers colored bright.
Fosters feelings fleeting and in disguise.
Passions, sparks dot the sky in flashing light.
Shared kisses, delight till sunrise.
Springtimes lust and love, a sudden suprise.
Lost in moments treasured for years to come.
Through life’s tribulations, spring love is wise.
For it is kin to the beat of a drum.
It lives on like that of a dreamy wish.
It’s spring fling, reel it in like a hooked fish.
Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

My One Shot Wednesday contribution for One Stop Poetry. A community of poets dedicated to the art of poetry and people. Now a Shorty Award winner!
Come visit us at http://www.onestoppoetry.com


A Lark lost in song
Soft whispers dance along.
And this is where the horses belong.

Crowds cheering.
Friend and foe appearing.
A loss fearing.

Racing towards the finish line.
Big Red could have taken his time.
But he looked so fine.

Lengths and strides ahead.
No one could have raced in his stead.
And leave the rest feeling dread.

No gap to close, he’s long gone.
The rest were just a pawn.
As he passes the finish line with a yawn.

A champion of all.
His feat not small.
And the rest is for history to recall.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

My latest contribution to One Shot Wednesday. Come join us starting every Tuesday at 5pm EST at a place where poets play all day :): http://www.onestoppoetry.com.

This poem is dedicated to the great race horse Secretariat.


Differences separate us.
How we run a country.
What kinds of meals we eat.
Our religious beliefs.
Our skin color, hair color, eye color.
Our demeanor’s.
Our morals.
Our languages.
Our family structures.
The way we raise our young.
The way we laugh or smile.
So many differences…..
But when the winds howl.
When the earth groans and opens up.
When a surge of water comes barreling forward.
When houses are swallowed and spit out.
Humanity rises from it’s slumber and reaches out a hand.
A touch of kindness forgets differences.
Thoughtfulness lightens heavy burdens.
Unity makes us stronger.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

The natural disaster in Japan has devastated the country. It is always a beautiful sight to see everyone from all over the world come together and help a country in need. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Japan as they rebuild and restore their country.
This poem is written for One Shot Wednesday hosted by One Stop poetry. Please join me in reading some wonderful poems and support some great talent at http://www.onestoppoetry.com

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye
Look into my golden eyes, what do you see?
Tall grasses swaying, dancing in the breeze.
Crystal water cascading down weathered rocks.
Prey peering into the woods, seeking, searching for danger.
As I hungrily stalk them down.
The hunt, a vicious game between predator and prey.
A battle everyday.
Do you hear that?
Swish, swish as the wind brushes gently against the bamboo.
The soft padded steps of my love coming closer.
A rumbled greeting that beckons her to me.
A night of passion leads to little ones to come.
We part ways until next year.
Well at least that’s what she thinks, as I’m always watching.
Do you smell that wondrous smell?
Sweet grass calling to herbivores in every direction.
Crisp air refreshing to my nose.
Flowering plants tickle the senses as the suns rays reveal them basking in it’s glow.
That was yesterday….
Now look into my clouded eyes, what do you see?
Burned skeletons of trees that once stood.
Still shadows litter the ground.
We become the prey as I herd my love and the cubs to safety.
Red runs down fur, orange upon black stripes.
Do you smell the putrid stink?
Death and decay drench the nose, as unwanted carcasses are fading away.
A metalic scent layers the back of throats.
As stomachs twist and turn.
Do you hear what I heard?
The song of fear escalting into a symphony.
As terror echos in the air.
Cries trail away from the scene.
Now I lie underfoot on a gleaming hardwood floor.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

This is my latest contribution to One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry. Everyone is invited! Come read some wonderful poems or enter one of yours at http://www.onestoppoetry.com. One shot Wednesday starts at 5pm EST time on Tuesdays.

Pieces of You, Pieces of Me

Pieces of You, Pieces of Me

Falling down around us, colors vastly different.
Similar, unusual cardboard representations scattered about.
One is the color of treated grass, a football in the center.
Another is of a magnificent creature, hooves eating up dirt as it passes by.
A jester, comic of the time, in its decorative outfit masks a piece.
Notes drifting in space their musicality captured in a moment of time.
A lion roars out at me, its fierceness is deafening, loyalty coined by a cat.
Love drips into a puddle, newly forming into a single Red Rose bud.
Lovers embrace, caring souls reaching out and comforting those beyond the portrait.
A timeline races past, marking memories and future happiness.
Mammoth sized trees, ancients of age, urge for growth from the hovering small bush that is us.
A strand of lightning in a darkened sky beckons excitement of rain, and new beginnings.
Frantic leaves swirl round and round, captured in the palm of a hand, nestled safely away from the wind.
Forgiveness embodied by entwined figures dancing their dance of love.
A crumb decorates a lonely plate, a single dollar bill folded into fours, tucked unknowing to an onlooker, in a pocket.
A single sapling highlighted by a ray of light, a significant sign of hope.
Love struck, glittering eyes glance furtively to each other, a promise of forever hidden like a jewel inside.
Each piece unique yet quintessential to the picture, each piece spread haphazardly along the table.
Playing a waiting game with us, reaching out to you, reaching out to me.
The fateful trail leading us to an adventure of a lifetime.
Each piece of discovery is bringing us closer to the truth.
The truth, we belong together.
The day we meet, the pieces fall into place, two different souls connected.
Like that of our individual puzzle pieces.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

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This poem is my submission to One Shot

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