Iced Heart

Iced Heart

Water streams to the ground, unevenly.
As icicles drip from the gentle warming of her heart.
Where once it was cold and beat for none.
Now it awakens from a deep slumber.
As stirring emotions shake it awake.
A simple touch was all that was needed.
To break a spell that she had thought impossible.
She was told of what was to happen,
but brushed it away like a nuisance.
A still picture of pure beauty,
her wavy, flowing mane caught in movement.
A simple smile, hides behind ice as she appears blissful.
A single Rose as red as a candy apple is graceful held in her small hands.
He touches her face softly, afraid that touching would break her.
His memories of brushing touches, smiles and shared laughter, ring through his head.
He steps away slowly as tears fill his eyes.
Just as he turns away he hears it.
Not knowing what to say he watches in amazement as the ice melts away.
First the numbness disappears from her legs and slowly creeps up the rest of her body.
Until at last she’s just a wet mess.
She tests out her shaky legs and looks at him.
He does not waste a moment and sweeps her up in his enveloping way.
She weeps into his shoulder “I should have listened, followed my heart to you”.
He whispered softly “All that matters is that you found your way back”.
In that moment, their love pronounced right and true, they promise to never part.
Her heart, which once was frozen, was thawed by her love for him.
He carries her away to freedom as the sun fades below the horizon.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2012

It’s a Spring Fling

It’s a Spring Fling
Crisp air grazes our skin in hopeful fun.
The soft breeze tickles senses playfully.
Tangled tendrils come cautiously undone.
Rose petals scattered so beautifully.
One nights embrace in flowers colored bright.
Fosters feelings fleeting and in disguise.
Passions, sparks dot the sky in flashing light.
Shared kisses, delight till sunrise.
Springtimes lust and love, a sudden suprise.
Lost in moments treasured for years to come.
Through life’s tribulations, spring love is wise.
For it is kin to the beat of a drum.
It lives on like that of a dreamy wish.
It’s spring fling, reel it in like a hooked fish.
Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

My One Shot Wednesday contribution for One Stop Poetry. A community of poets dedicated to the art of poetry and people. Now a Shorty Award winner!
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Differences separate us.
How we run a country.
What kinds of meals we eat.
Our religious beliefs.
Our skin color, hair color, eye color.
Our demeanor’s.
Our morals.
Our languages.
Our family structures.
The way we raise our young.
The way we laugh or smile.
So many differences…..
But when the winds howl.
When the earth groans and opens up.
When a surge of water comes barreling forward.
When houses are swallowed and spit out.
Humanity rises from it’s slumber and reaches out a hand.
A touch of kindness forgets differences.
Thoughtfulness lightens heavy burdens.
Unity makes us stronger.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

The natural disaster in Japan has devastated the country. It is always a beautiful sight to see everyone from all over the world come together and help a country in need. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Japan as they rebuild and restore their country.
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Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye
Look into my golden eyes, what do you see?
Tall grasses swaying, dancing in the breeze.
Crystal water cascading down weathered rocks.
Prey peering into the woods, seeking, searching for danger.
As I hungrily stalk them down.
The hunt, a vicious game between predator and prey.
A battle everyday.
Do you hear that?
Swish, swish as the wind brushes gently against the bamboo.
The soft padded steps of my love coming closer.
A rumbled greeting that beckons her to me.
A night of passion leads to little ones to come.
We part ways until next year.
Well at least that’s what she thinks, as I’m always watching.
Do you smell that wondrous smell?
Sweet grass calling to herbivores in every direction.
Crisp air refreshing to my nose.
Flowering plants tickle the senses as the suns rays reveal them basking in it’s glow.
That was yesterday….
Now look into my clouded eyes, what do you see?
Burned skeletons of trees that once stood.
Still shadows litter the ground.
We become the prey as I herd my love and the cubs to safety.
Red runs down fur, orange upon black stripes.
Do you smell the putrid stink?
Death and decay drench the nose, as unwanted carcasses are fading away.
A metalic scent layers the back of throats.
As stomachs twist and turn.
Do you hear what I heard?
The song of fear escalting into a symphony.
As terror echos in the air.
Cries trail away from the scene.
Now I lie underfoot on a gleaming hardwood floor.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

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Tears fall gently down/never ever forgotten/cherished memories

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2011

The Gift of Song

The Gift of Song

Snow covers what was once green.

Shoppers roam to and fro.

Lights scattered in an unusual pattern, give direction to cheer.

Christmas day is near.

Bells ring as passerby’s give change to help out those less fortunate.

Children’s eyes sparkle delight at the sight of this year’s new toys.

All the while I sit and ponder what element makes this time of year so special.

Then I remember….. Excitement sparks in the group as we enter the
beautifully decorated building.

Our audience gathers before us.

We sing our hearts out, with as much gusto that can be mustered.

They clap, cheer and join in delight.

The carols drift in the air and bring forth joy in all the surrounding faces.

For who does not enjoy Rudolph or Frosty?

After the occasion we sit and talk a while.

We are guests in their home, and they welcome us with open arms.

They tell us stories, and we smile.

It’s time to leave, hugs and smiles abound.

Sadness has no place for this magical time.

The nursing home fades in the background, but the memories will never do so.

Touched are our lives forever more.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010



The suns rays shower my darkened eyes with light.

As the last of the birds sing softly out my window.

Getting up late compared to other days, I quietly slip out of my room to turn on
the TV.

I gather a light breakfast and plop myself in a good viewing position.

Nine o’clock rolls around and it’s time for massive balloons, extravagant floats and wondrous performances.

The Macy’s Day Parade, a time honored tradition kicks off on it’s yearly round.

Let the festivities begin.

Sing along time, to those performers I know.

Famous balloons waving back at me, childhood friends dear to the heart.

Soon St. Nick strolls into town and ushers in the feeling of joy.

A perfect start to a perfect day.

I say my morning Happy Thanksgiving to family members and ready for the feast ahead.

Sweet aromas tickle my nose and my stomach obnoxiously growls its response back.

Sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and fruit salad mixed with a hint of yogurt line the
table front.

As the turkey all plumped with stuffing, lies neatly as the center piece.

All of the family is gathered round for the feast.

We pile high our plates, while mouths water at the sight.

We pause for a minute, and travel back in time.

To a gathering just the same, they said their thanks.

We say our prayers to the living and departed.

Our special thanks for the future to come.

Then we are silent as our famished stomachs take in more than we can eat.

In a little over fifteen minutes we emerge from our plates.

Who wants dessert?

So soon we ask?

For we are filled to capacity.

A little while later pumpkin pie, cheesecake and an assortment of desserts make their debut.

We scarf down the delicious and the fanciful.

Now that we are stuffed, the guys go back to their football game as the women gather to clean up.

Conversations strike up, as loved ones catch up.

The clock tolls late it’s time to go.

Little ones asleep, it’s home were bound.

We say our thanks and love.

We promise to see them soon, as another holiday approaches.

Now I reflect on the days events, what more could a gal ask for but family and friends?

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

Hope, Faith and Loss

Hope, Faith and Loss

We lock our doors as we drive by.

A sense of fear of the passerby.

But they are human, like you and me.

They have lost a battle, but not a war.

There is Hope when darkness threatens to take over.

Faith to carry them away from trouble.

We watch them struggle, and tell ourselves that won’t be us.

Which is entirely untrue, in this game of life.

For on a turn of the dime, our lives changed forever.

Could send us in a spiral towards the unlikely life of homelessness.

Loss of a home.

Loss of a spouse.

Loss of a job.

Not a choice, but rather a fork in the road we call life.

A time to learn and grow.

Come out renewed and stronger.

As Faith and Hope carry you forth.

So don’t be scared of the ragged, for they don’t mean any harm.

They are just living and learning life, with their own sets of struggles.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

Vignette of Souls

Nestled quietly in visceral forms, it
explores the world through the eyes.

The spectrum of colorful souls

A fighter who always smiled and made a difference.

A caretaker who sees everything, a fount of knowledge and a sworn
animal whisperer.

A hard worker who cares enough to do the job
correctly, even when no one else does.

An artist who pays attention
to detail, fosters a love of the unique and mysterious.

A thinker
who never falls for impulse and articulate in nature.

A dreamer who
wishes to see the good in everyone and believes in peace.

A carver
who captures a moment of time.

A kidder who playfully pokes fun,
but who says kind words when needed.

A talker who is great with
people and reads them well.

A quiet one who speaks softly, but is
reassuring and supportive.

Some hold consistency, while others
leave impressions in their wake.

Life ever evolving.

Souls ever
changing, learning and shaped by each other.

The eyes, the key and
stairway to the soul.

So look through the shell of the body, down
to the real person that lies protectively inside.

And you may be
surprised what you find.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010



Gentle, trickling slowly the rain drifts down, like newly
formed tears.

The Sun plays and hide and seek, like the feelings of
sadness and happiness.

The shining light huddles away until the
storm fades.

Hear the weeping from above.

Softly it raps on the

Like grief and pain.

A sudden crash from above, startles
all below, like unhinged anger raging forth.

A flash across the
sky, silent and strikingly beautiful, like possessiveness and
loyalty towards a lover.

As the rain splashes angrily upon the
ground, like the feeling as if time has come to soon for a loved

Weather, like emotions, can be fickle.

A streak of purple and
white bruises the sky for but a moment.

A rumble, one second, two
seconds, three seconds, the storm trudges on.

The pain and grief
stalks away silently .

The torrent slows to a steady drip drop
rythm, washing away dirt and sorrow.

Drip drop, drip drop, drip

The golden rays stretch their fingers like an unsure feeling.

A beautiful rainbow appears, a sign of hope and renewed strength.

A soul renewed again.

Copyright Corbie Sinclair 2010

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